Backyard self sufficiency?

I’ve said before that we are not trying to become self-sufficient at Chez Fork – it really is a lot of plain hard work! Not that that should stop you if that is your goal.

Like most of us from an urban background I find it hard to visualise what ‘self sufficiency’ looks like. That said, I’m getting a better idea as each year we are providing more of our own food, either grown or wild collected. Thankfully someone else has had a crack at this task. The folks over at One Block off the Grid – as US solar power group have made a great visual of what it would take an American family of four to live off the land for a year. (Thanks to Bishlet for sending me this link).

For something more ‘local’ you might want to check out Michael Mobb’s website on what he and his local community are up to in suburban Sydney.

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