Theme and variation

There are as many styles of vegetable garden as there are people growing them, which means its always good to check out what other people are doing.

I was in the front garden planting out some chicory and lettuce seedlings when my neighbour called me over to see the progress she’s been making with her new vegetable garden. Wow! she and her husband have created two large raised beds which she has filled with tomatoes and capsicums. Corn and other seedlings are sprouting away. While it’s still a touch early for outside plantings of tomatoes in my more exposed garden, I think her plants will do well as they are inside a solidly fenced sun trap. Short of a dire frost I expectour neighbours will definitely be eating tomatoes for Christmas lunch.

Later in the day I popped over to friend M’s to check out her new green-house. Made of clear polycarbonate panels which slide into an aluminium frame it is just the right size for her small garden.


She also has a great crop of red cabbage underway. I just love the variegated colour of their leaves.


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