Recent Travels

I read recently that late October and early November are about the worst time you can pick to be away from the veggie garden – shame about that because we’ve just had three weeks holiday in Tasmania.

TB prepared the garden by devising his most intricate watering system yet. Sprays in the polyhouse and under the tree where our citrus have over-wintered and drippers for the remaining beds. The timing system worked perfectly, we’d tested it for a week before we left. That is it worked perfectly until one afternoon, when we were conveniently located on the top of The Nut (just about the only place in the vicinity of Stanley where we could get a mobile phone signal), our neighbour called to say that the timer had decided to run the system for random long periods of time. Thankfully they stepped in and manually ran the system for us until we returned.

As a result we returned to a very green and productive garden, with the only failure being our very young carrot crop. Of course there was also a rampant ‘lawn’ which TB attacked the day after we returned.


I was most excited to see a massive crop of purple podded peas and a very tall crop of broadbeans. Last year I only got a few purple podded peas in the ground quite late in the season. My early planting of them this year has really paid off. This year the broadbeans have reached nearly 180cms (or 6′ in the old money). Now we just have to harvest and eat them all.

Not surprisingly our first meal back at home was a pasta primavera featuring our snow peas and some ‘wet’ garlic (young and not fully grown cloves).


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