A tale of two squash

There is just no telling what plants will and will not grow and thrive in your garden. Take these two squash plants.


Both were grown from the same batch of seeds, planted at the same time, in the same seedling mix and transplanted into the garden bed on the same day. Who knows why this happens? The one on the left is constantly under attack by snails and slugs and the other one has suffered no where near the same amount of damage.

BIG OOPS hereWe have subsequently found out that the fruit shown below are NOT ‘Wrinkled from friuli’  as I had thought, but some odd ‘changeling’ squash which has originated from heavens knows where

 Out in the back garden, in yet another bed, plants from the same batch of seedlings are galloping away, as only squash can.


We’ve already started picking the fruit of these plants. These fruits are very young and we’ve been treating them like young zucchini.


The real ‘Wrinkled from Friuli’ (Zuchetta rugosa friulana) seed can be purchased from the Italian Gardener. It looks just like this, just like the packet said it would.


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