Drink it all in

Homemade brews are frequently considered suss, but there is no need to be embarassed in making and serving drinks these drinks made from your garden.

This year I’ve had lots of red roses flowering so I’m  making Sally Wise’s Sparkling Rose Petal drink, from her book A Year in a Bottle. Nothing challenging about it really – apart from finding 300gms of rose petals, but if there aren’t enough petals I just make up the amounts proportional to the petals I have available. Here is how it looks when its being made, sugar dissolved in hot water, two lemons cut up and the rose petals along with two tablespoons of vinegar and some more cold water:


This is the day its made, all waiting to go. Two days later after steeping at room temperature under the cover of a clean tea towel the mix is ready to be strained and bottled.


Yes the pink colour of the roses does stay in the finished drink. A few days of fermentation (PET bottles are recommended to avoid unpleasant explosions) and you are ready to go.

I made the sparkling rose with lemons from our friend’s tree. Given that I still had another bag of lemons left I thought I’d have a go at making some lemonade. Of course Sally has a recipe for that as well. Just before the lemonade recipe in the book is one for Minted Lemon Syrup, so putting the two together I’ve now made minted lemonade which is just fantastic. I added two cups worth of chopped mint to Sally’s recipe – no other changes necessary.

Here’s cheers!



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