Tea towels across the Tasman

I’ve had two fun tea towels cross my path recently.

The first, representing Australia, was this wonderfully wonky Koala and Joey tea towel, commemorating the bi-centennial. It’s held up very well for a 24 year old.


I particularly like their painted lips and I won’t even start on their pink-ringed eyes! This tea towel was bought by my friend Variegated to our annual New Years day breakfast and covered some extremely tasty cinnamon rolls (P.S. we would love to get the url for the recipe, hint, hint).


Next other friends bought us back a souvenir tea towel from their recent trip to New Zealand. This design called ‘Sheep Applique’ came from the company Derek of New Zealand, who have been producing souvenirs and other products since 1961.


I particularly like the retro prints, including one from Air New Zealand, if I’m right, that have been incorporated into the design. Good one M!



One thought on “Tea towels across the Tasman

  1. Love those sheep in their gorgeous colours! My koalas are in excellent company.There are, of course, lots of cinnamon rolls recipes on the net. I think that theHarvest Cinnamon Rolls as eaten on New Year’s Day is the best one I have used, it can be found here: http//whatscookingamerica.net/Bread/CinnamonRollsFantastic.htmIt is a very comprehensive recipe, giving a variety of methods, with emphasis on freezing the rolls at various points in their manufacture.I chose to use my usual method of making sweet buns – make a sponge of yeast and milk (using a teaspoon each of flour and sugar for food for the yeast), then to rub the butter into the flour whilst the sponge is doing its thing, add the eggs with the yeast mixture, mix thoroughly and knead. I followed the recipe for proving and shaping.The cinnamon filling specifies 4 to 5 tablespoons of cinnamon, which even allowing for US tablespoons being only 15ml as opposed to the Australian standard tablespoon which is 20mls, is still a lot of cinnamon. I think I would use about 1/2 that amount, and I find the buns have sufficient cinnamon. I really like the butter frosting, which I think is a bit lighter than others I have tried, and I have made the recipe both with and without bread improver (vital wheat gluten). The fragrance of the dough rising, when not happening overnight in the fridge, is just wonderful as it has vanilla in the dough which I think adds the final touch of YUM to these rolls. Another batch will be happening on Saturday I think…..

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