Five recipes in five days (sort of)

You won’t be surprised to learn that Santa sent us 5 cookbooks for Christmas. Come to think of it everything that we got for Christmas this year was something to do with cooking or eating!


TB thought we should cook one recipe from each of ournew cookbooks for each day between Christmas and New Year. Well we almost managed it – the last recipe was served on New Year’s Day, but I think that’s OK.

The dishes are, in order of preparation:

26 December – Salad Nicoise from the River Cottage Fish Cookbook, by Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall & Nick Fisher


A yummy lunch after way too much Christmas fare the day before!

27 December, Semolina for breakfast from Winter on the Farm by Matthew Evans


At least Christmas was cool, otherwise it would have taken us some time to cook from this book. Our semolina, which can only be described as ‘stodge’, was enhanced by some blackberry jam and a handful of home grown raspberries. Useful if you are trekking several hundred kilometres or as wallpaper paste.

28 December – a ring in!

We had left over souffles from Christmas day and a quick grill of beans and our ‘wrinkled from Friuli’ squash.


29 December – Baguette with Steamed Pork Balls, from Indochine by Luke Nguyen


Wow, the outstanding dish of the run. Juicy pork balls with sweet, spicy slap you about in the mouth Vietnamese flavours. The baguette recipe is included in the book as well.

31 December – Rolled Oat Scones from Possum Pie, Beetroot Beer and Lamingtons, edited by Victoria Heywood


These went down a treat at a farewell afternoon tea for friends moving interstate. Yummo – and I’m still trying to work outhow all the rolled oats just seem to completely disappear in the final product.

1 January 2012 – Parmesan Crumbed Veal with Fennel Coleslaw,  from Real Food by Matthew Evans


Well we went right off the rails here. As you can see the crumbed veal got replaced by a pork chop. The Fennel Coleslaw, which is basically finely sliced fennel and red cabbage with a tasty dressing. The coleslaw is very simple to make and would make a fine side for lots of meals.


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