Tomatoes at last!

Hooray, the big day finally arrived this week with the ritual picking of the first tomatoes.


OK so there were only two of them so we had to bulk them out with some other stuff to make a lunch out of them.


Appearing here with the tomatoes are some of TB’s hot-smoked salmon (I’ll be doing a seperate post on this, soon), lettuce and chicory leaves from our garden.


Just in case you’ve not seen them before, these are chicory flowers. The colour is so beautiful I’m happy to let some of the plants run to seed. (According to Notes on Survival, the flowers can be eaten but they are bitter – I think I’m happy to just enjoy them as they are).

Speaking of ‘firsts’ we’ve also been picking the first of the apricots from our tree. Yummy freshfruit, cut up and served on our meusli, eating our breakfast out in the garden.



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