Cherry Picking

I’m neither a vegan, or a great fan of cupcakes, but when I saw the magic words ‘cherry ripe cupcake’ (and ignoring the word vegan that preceeded them) I was hooked. The hook came through the SBS Food website, via a ‘featured foodies’ story about a blog called Where’s the Beef?

Now as it would happen I didn’t have any of the requisite dried cherries to make these cakes, but I did find a whole lot of dried blueberries in the cupboard that were a worthy substitute. I also substituted wholemeal plain flour for gluten-free, to give the cakes some more ‘heft’. In the name of domestic harmony I split the batter in half so TB wouldn’t have to eat the coconut, which is a key ingredient for this recipe.


Here are the colour-coded cakes fresh from the oven.


I iced this batch with the chocolate ganache recipe provided along with the instructions. As you can see there was further ‘signage’ for the non-coconut brigade.


Most importantly I was able to enjoy my first cupcake, along with a cup of coffee, in my newly purchased Midwinter ‘Sun’ pattern coffee set (thanks to the eagle eyes of my friend at the last Bus Depot Markets antique day).

We enjoyed these cakes so much that I’ve made them several times since. Here is the link to the recipe Cup cake recipe .

Given that dried cherries cost $10 for 200gms in the shops I bought myself two kilos of cherries for $10 the following weekend at the Southside Farmers Market. It seemed like a bargain then but now we’ve finished drying the cherries I’m not so sure. For that all that pitting and drying we had a  final weight of just under 300gms of dried cherries for our labours. Perhaps if the season continues and the cherry prices stay low it may be worth drying some more ourselves.



3 thoughts on “Cherry Picking

  1. Looks very yummy.Home dried cherries would definitely be better, but for easier, much more cost-effective ones – Costco!

  2. Thankfully I have a more local option. Cedars of Lebanon at the Mawson shops not only has dried cherries and blueberries at a good price but plenty of options for other dried fruit including several varieties of sultanas (Australian, US and Persian).

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