Foraging for the garden

Foraging is a popular activity with us and our friends. We’ve already scored well this year with peaches, have been out blackberrying several times and will be out looking for apples very soon. But it struck me that its not just food for ourselves that we are looking for. Our garden is also a very ‘hungry’ entity.

We work our garden hard and we really need to keep a good supply of composts and manures fedding into it to keep the garden productive. In the past I’ve collected seriously large amounts of kitchen scraps from my office (500kgs over two years), to feed our compost bins, but as  that source is no longer available we’ve started to look closer to home.

Thankfully there are ovals nearby and when the people doing the mowing get lazy they will leave large mounds of grass cuttings just there for the taking.


and so we do. The last time this happened we also met a few other fellow local garden gatherers.


From these clippings TB built a compost heap, along with some added straw, that bears a strangely disturbing resemblance to the mountain in the film ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ – I’m just hoping that it won’t be attracting any aliens soon, although it’s already attracting hoards of small flies! (no that’s not ectoplasm, just some water to help speed the decomposition process).


Our other main source of compostables comes from our local cafe. Rather then being surprised when I asked if I could collect their coffee grounds I was told that they had a number of people doing so at their previous location. So now we have a regular coffee and compost collection date.

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