Rain interrupted gardening

It seems quite a long time (well just over a week really), when I started working on preparing the backgarden for autumn planting.

I confronted the bed where the ‘changeling’ squash was expanding exponentially and decided that I’d had enough of this not-a-zucchini so it was getting ripped out. We actually have no idea what this plant actually is – we thought we had planted more ‘Wrinkled from Friuli’ (Zuchetta rugosa friulana) in this bed but the fruit that I displayed in my post on this topic, was definitely not what I thought I’d planted.


It gave me a really good feeling to rip out these plants, plus they were mouldy and in the way.


Underneath I found all sorts of things. There was a self-sown tomato (with ripe fruit even!) and several beetroot plants.

I decided that I’d put a late crop of beans in, on the assumption that I might still get a result out of them, or at the worst I could dig the plants in as green manure if the frosts came early.

Despite the 260mls of rain we got last week which flooded around the beds,


the beans seem quite happy and are growing away well.


I think it will be the corn bed next. At least we got all the cobs off before the rain started.

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