Local Harvest Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 started off with a breakfast of homemade bread and Dandelion Marmalade. I must say that the taste of the marmalade is predominantly citrus, which is perhaps not a bad thing as the leaves of the dandelion (used in salads) are on the bitter side. What the flowers do add to the mix is the beautiful colour of the marmalade.


This marmalade falls into the ‘interesting idea’ category rather than one I would add to my ‘must keep making’ list. If you’d like to have a try at making it yourself you can find the recipe here.

Lunch was a more pedestrian affair, a tomato and cheese sandwich. Well at least the tomato was home grown.

I arrived back home to find that TB had outdone himself for dinner. For entree we had zucchini flowers stuffed with homemade ricotta cheese flavoured with some of the csabai sausage we bought on Sunday. The latter really gave the stuffing a tremendous smoky paprika flavour.


The flowers were then cooked in a sauce which used our own tomato passata and basil.

He also made cornbread, grinding corn from our own cobs with the hand grinder we found at Bairnsdale last year. Bolting the grinder firmly to the bench in the shed with the vice has made the grinding process much easier.


The corn bread went with our home made beetroot soup (our own beetroots and carrots and home-made beef stock).


Yum, I’ll be having more of these as left-overs for lunch tommorrow!


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