Local Harvest Challenge – Day 7

Well after the excesses of yesterday’s dinner we were after a smaller more relaxed set of meals today, starting with  a simple bowl of breakfast cereal. Our cereal is put together with lots of different grains from our local health food store and includes our own dried apples (feral picked) and persimmons (from our friend’s Mum’s garden).


Feral apples picked in February just over the ACT border.

After breakfast and a stint at the gym we wandered over to the Belconnen Markets, specifically to buy fish, only to discover the fish shop was closed. We consoled ourselves with a almond croissant and cup of coffee from the patisserie instead. We did, however finally get our Country Valley organic milk which is produced in Picton (outside of Sydney) and is the closest organic milk we can find.

Lunch was a very relaxed affair eaten sitting outside, enjoying our garden and the glorious autumn weather (it’s a real improvement over this year’s soggy summer). Something simple to eat. Toasted cheese (C2 again, the last bits) and our late cherry tomatoes and basil with some bechamel sauce. Washed down with some homemade lemon cordial (lemons from our friend’s tree).


After lunch I got stuck into pickling our remaining radishes. I had plenty of China Rose and Tondo di Nero varieties. Enough to make quite a bit of pickle as it turns out.


Dinner was a very simple affair, bangers and mash. TB had made the sausages, in this case beef with North African inspired spices, during the week. The potatoes came from the back garden and the onions came from a shop.


A pleasant end to the challenge.


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