Out of sight

Well there’s been quite a gap since I last got to the computer to write a post. Life has a way of getting in the road of both gardening and blogging at times!

We have been working hard in the garden tidying away the last of the summer veg. The tomatoes have been transformed into Green Tomato Chutney and the frosts of the past few days have wiped out the remaining basil bushes. At least the rocket plants are growing away strongly.


Winter plantings have been going in. I’m going heavy on planting turnips this year. They are very rewarding in that the seed will shoot within 3-4 days of being planted, but the snails will make a feast of them if you don’t keep an eye out for them. Apart from the seed I’ve also planted some seedlings of baby white turnips which are sailing happily through these frosty mornings.


Broad beans and purple-podded peas have also gone in, but they haven’t emerged as yet. Our self-sown parsnips are growing rapidly and some small ones will be available for eating quite soon.

However our major activity has been getting the chook shed and pen finished. This Sunday is the Canberra Queanbeyan Poultry Club Purebred Sale and we plan to be there to buy some girls for the garden! As you can see from this photo taken yesterday, we have quite a bit of work to do to get things ready!


Fingers crossed and work boots on!

PS if you are after an idea of what you can plant at this time of year check out the Cold Climate planting guide at the top of the home page.


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