On Trend

It wasn’t until we got to the poultry sale on Sunday that we realised how much demand there is at present for chickens. I think even the poultry club people were rather overwhelmed by the numbers of would-be chook owners.

This is the queue of those lucky enough to get some birds (and there were plenty who were not sucessful).


It was BYO carrying cases, but don’t panic this was just a temporary measure (this is not one of our chooks) until the new owner could get it into a more suitable box.


As for our girls they seem to be settling in really well and the ground in their new pen is getting a good working over. Our Australorp is such a good digger that I’m thinking of hiring her out as a rotovator!

My sister tells me chook watching can become addictive. I think she’s right. The cat is also intensely interested in the new arrivals, but is grateful that she doesn’t have to share her place next to the heater with them.

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