Thinking of England!

Even the most ardent republican can hardly have missed that it is HM The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this week. While poking aound looking at Simon Hopkinson’s TV show recipes on the BBC I was captured by the glory of the Union Jack Battenburg Cake.This is part of the set of recipes the BBC has developed for the Diamond Jubilee street parties expected to be held around the UK in the coming days.


For those of us more domestically challenged there is also a less demanding Jubilee Bunting Cake.

It is interesting to see that there is, amidst the tradional English spread, Coronation Chicken and Eccles Cakes (nothing to do with the Goons) etc, other broader food elements are creeping in. The Carribean is represented by Sticky Jerk Wings with Sugared Oranges (recipe by the wonderfully named Levi Roots), Cheese and Spinach Samosas, recipe by Hafsa Akkas and that now English classic (and also in Australia) Chicken Tikka wraps, recipe by Anjum Anand.

Anyway here’s to HM, I’m sure she’s going to enjoy the knees up. There’s nothing like a bit of bread and circusses to distract the populace in a time of economic doom and gloom!

One thought on “Thinking of England!

  1. That cake would take some very serious dexterity to put together! Glad to here there are hints of the Commonwealth’s vast diversity of food creeping in too.

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