We’ve been patiently waiting for our chickens to mature so that marvellous first egg will appear. And so it has!


The question is whose egg is it? We have two candidates as both Leghorns and Anconas produced white eggs (our Australorp should produce brown eggs).

We are laying odds (sorry couldn’t resist that one), that the perpetrator is our Ancona chicken Artemisia. She definitely looks the most mature of the three birds, having a full comb and wattles already. although some of her other behaviour is rather odd. You see Arte likes to roost in unusual places. Our other two chooks are happy to put themselves to bed in the chook house, but not Arte. After a long search for our ‘missing’ chook last week we found her literally hanging out in the window of the chook house.


Our friend who was minding our chooks while we were away overnight was somewhat startled to find that she’d given up on the window and was now roosting on the crossbeam of the chicken pen!


Of well, if she continues to lay eggs we shall forgive her her foibles.


Anyway, we did need to do something with this egg, small as it was (47gms, OK we are the proud chooky grandperents). TB decided on a souffle, just enough to share between two. We used our kale and Welsh bunching onions for the flavouring.


Another small step along the road to home-based food production.

One thought on “Whodunnit?

  1. Congratulations chooky grandparents! That is a beautiful egg, and the souffle it made looks fabulous. Well done.

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