Whodunnit 2?

If our first chook egg back in June was a welcome surprise to us this egg from the next chook to start laying was certainly a surprise (and probably was for the chook herself).


It came in at a whopping 92 grams!

A ‘jumbo’ chicken egg weighs 70gms, so this egg is more like the size of a duck egg. For comparison Arte’s egg to the right of the photo weighed 56 gms. 

Just to keep us guessing it was laid while we were out so we have no clear idea whether it was laid by our Leghorn, which is our biggest chook, or our Australorp which are meant to lay brown eggs.

Anyone prepared to own up?


The girls, Arte (speckled), Lettie (white) & Dottie (black) having a grass snack.

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