On the tiles

I mentioned a few post ago that major rennovations were happening again in our garden. We are going to renovate our strawberry bed. The strawberries have been in place for at least five years so it’s well past time to pull them out and replace them with new plants. We have a whole lot of runners from last year that we can use and I might even lash out and buy some ‘new’ new plants!

We are also going to make the bed larger by an extra concrete block width. Over the years we’ve found the old concrete block to be a very handy edging for our garden beds, although they do look incredibly daggy. Enter the mosaic concrete block.


Once in the background of someone’s blog post (which I’ve never been able to find again) I saw concrete blocks mosaic-ed and looking much more entertaining than their unadorned selves. As I already had one block prepared TB suggested that I remove the old digit and fix up another eleven blocks to complete the extended bed. Here are the currently completed blocks roughly where they will be set, but not in their final order. We will plant the strawberries in the holes in the blocks and save the garden bed behind for other plants.


I’ve done the tiling for all the blocks but still have to finish the grouting, my least favourite job.

I must like doing this more than I admit because I couldn’t pass up these fantastic hand-painted blue and white tiles at the tip shop yesterday. Although these are destined for a garden table-top not a concrete block.



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