Mosaics, manures and munching

Updating progress on some recent projects in the garden.

The mosaic-edged garden bed is now in place and planting has begun. There are strawberries in the holes in the bricks and a row of mini white turnips, so sweet, that we use to make Italian turnip soup are plated in the front of the bed. TB has also planted some French breakfast radishes between the turnips.


TB has also been busy giving himself a sore back digging over the green manure bed. This now has a topping of horse manure as well. We’re planning on planting our tomatoes here shortly.


The chickens are turning out to be great at dealing with left-over or past their best veg. Here they are demolishing one of our old kale plants, already going to seed. Brassicas yum!


Unfortunately for us it’s not just the chooks that like brassicas. Our resident possums seem to have a taste for broccoli. I was wondering why the broccoli wasn’t producing any florets. Duh! we just got beaten to them.



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