In Season : broad beans & peas

A lot more plants are starting to produce including two favourites of mine – broad beans and purple podded peas. Along with those two key ingredients I also have in my bowl some Sicilian broccoli from my friend M’s garden and a bunch of tarragon.


With these I was able to make a lovely side dish, the idea for which came from Rohan Anderson’s Whole Larder Love book. If you’ve not heard of Rohan before you might like to wander past his blog.


Anyway Rohan suggests blanching broadbeans and then dressing them with olive oil, salt and pepper and chopped tarragon and topping the lot with shavings of permesan. As this was our first pick of broadbeans I decided to supplement it with the peas and broccoli.


Added to that some home-made beef sausages and we had one very tasty dinner!

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