Advice to the love lorn

I feel like an avian agony aunt! Our White Leghorn has decided to go broody. Every day she sits in the nesting box, waiting for a chooky miracle to occur. And it would be a miracle as we have no rooster so therefore no fertile eggs for her to hatch. So far that minor fact has not deterred her.

I regularly heave her off the nest and send her out for food and company with the other girls, but she just ends up back where she started. It is no doubt a contest of wills and as long as she isn’t starving herself I’m not too worried. At least she isn’t pecking me (well so far) when I interrupt her eggy reverie.

There’s not much I can do either for our other love lorn local bird. We have had a male Koel (a native cuckoo) calling long and loud for a mate these past three weeks. Indeed he starts calling at 4.00 am in his effort to find a mate. So far we are yet to hear a reply to his plaintive call. We only get Koels in Canberra at this time of the year as they migrate from elsewhere on the east coast of Australia.

You can see and hear him here, pardon the shaky hand-held camera (I know David Stratton would not approve).
Should you see a female Koel, attractively striped in brown and white, please send her in our direction. The neighbourhood would appreciate it!

One thought on “Advice to the love lorn

  1. A number of years ago, when visiting my parents, we were walking early in the morning. As we came around a corner, a man in his pyjamas emerged rather precipitously onto his deck. He threw a pair of slippers, one after the other, at the koel in the tree in his front yard. It was very difficult to control our laughter until we out of earshot! We really didn’t want to get any footwear thrown at us.

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