7 days in bed

Just prior to Christmas I spent a week in hospital. While not my favourite experience overall there were some interesting moments, both sublime and ridiculous.

One positive about being sick at this time of the year is that TB bought me yummy treats like Young district cherries to eat. As I often spent quite a bit of time awake in the middle of the night they also provided a good subject for a quick watercolour sketch.


On the definitely weirder end of the scale were some of the snacks provided by the hospital. While these crackers were perfectly edible I did ask myself ‘whatever were they thinking’ when it came to the product’s name! All the images it raises in my mind are very off-putting indeed.


Meanwhile out in the rest of the world Christmas preparations were well underway. My sister was taking the pop-cake craze and turning them into a festive Christmas tree.


I did make it home in time for Christmas proper. It was suggested that comfort foods were a good option for the convalescent. What could be more comforting than two eggs from ‘my girls’, tucked under cosies (knitted by friend M) with some home-made sourdough soldiers to eat the whole glorious eggy concoction.


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