The first tomato

We’ve broken our tomato record at last! We picked our first ripe tomato on the 30th of December. Prior to this our best effort was

What caught us by surprise was that it wasn’t the Pink Thai Egg tomato we were expecting, (still at the blushing pink stage),

Thai pink 30 dec

but an outside runner, cherry tomatoes from seed provided by my cousin. OK it was very tiny but at least it was tasty.

first tomato









Our eggplants are also doing well. We ate our first one last week a Japanese Long White.

white eggplant

Things are really starting to grow quickly. Over the last two weeks the okra ‘Burgundy’ has fruit. You can see the ripening fruit on the left, while the fruit on the right still has it’s papery covering on it.

okra 30dec


The corn has also started to put out its male flowers. These are our Golden Bantam sweet corn.

corn flowers

Last but not least TB has harvested a large bunch of oregano. oregano bouquet

As you can see the bunch barely fitted into the oven. We got two large jars of dried herbs from this bunch. The plant will now have a chance to re-grow and provide at least another crop for drying in the future.

oregano oven


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