I’m going for an ice cream and may be some time!

TB and I went to the Canberra Day Centenary celebrations last Monday (11 March), along with quite a number of other Canberrans.


Mt Ainslie Great weather and plenty of people out enjoying the offerings of music and food, although they were somewhat widely distributed. It seemed to us that the music was on the north shore and the bulk of the food on the southern shore.

We listened to some music and then caught the ferry across the lake to find some gourmet food. We got some interesting views of the activities,  not to mention the rafts of fireworks set up ready for the night’s display.firework

The lack of entertainment on the southern shore of the lake was odd given that the gourmet food stalls were all located there. And so were the hungry crowds.foodstalls

After eating a truly moreish Mussamun Burger and Sticky Pork with Rice from Morks it was time for some ice cream. I made my way to the Frugli stall and found that lots of other people had the same idea! I’ve subsequently heard from a friend that my 20 minute wait was nothing compared to their 45 minute wait for not so interesting food on the northern side of the lake.

At leaicecreamst our patience was rewarded. On the left is some Lemon Myrtle ice cream and on the right some Dark Cherry gelato.


I can’t say that I found much ‘roving entertainment’ where we were,apart from these bikes which look challenging to ride. We didn’t stay much longer than mid-afternoon, having concluded that we’d all a good time but there was not enough happening to encourage us to stay longer.

Oh well, at least they have another 100 years of practice to get the bi-centenary right!

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