Harvest Time

In advance of the Local Harvest Challenge next week, I’ve been thinking a bit about harvesting and celebrating the harvest, something that happens all around the world.

As a child I vividly remember the Harvest Festival service that would be held annually at our church. This was probably more to do with the excitement of going to the greengrocers to select an item of fruit or vegetables to be placed at the church altar, than for any religious fervour on my part. My favourite item was always one of the squash family, button squash or preferably their larger white cousins. I really liked their weird shapes.

I don’t know whether harvest festival is still commonly celebrated in church traditions, but at least I now have an appreciation of what it’s really about. Not only is it time to harvest, but it is also time to preserve, dry, pickle and otherwise prepare our food for the winter ahead. It’s also a time to share with family and friends the bounty of our gardens.


How will you celebrate this harvest season?

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