Haute Cuisine

Last night we saw the new French Film Haute Cuisine courtesy of some free tickets from the SBS Food website. As you may gather from the title it is a food about French cooking, at the highest level, in this case cooking for the French President at the Elysee Palace.


The story is based on the life of Danièle Delpeuch (depicted by actress Catherine Frot) who was the private cook for President Francois Mitterand. The food that is cooked for the President is ‘cuisine bourgeoise’, the best quality of produce cooked in a straightforward manner. Not surprisingly, the food in the film is presented beautifully, served on magnificent crockery and lovingly detailed. By the end of it all I was feeling quite full.

The story stays pretty much on the surface of things and lacks the somewhat deeper themes of similar offerings such as Babette’s Feast or Tampopo. However it is an enjoyable offering, particularly when you can sit back in the cinema with a glass of wine or a good cup of coffee, as you can at the new Palace Cinema, in the Nishi Building.

If you would like to hear an interview with the real Danièle Delpeuch  you can find it  here.

Haute Cuisine is screening in cinemas from 25 April.


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