Pottering on Sunday

I’m smelling warmly roasting tomatoes, nearly ready for making a pasta sauce. They are a mix of tomatoes we harvested during the week and some excess bought over last night by one of our friends.Image

It’s Sunday morning, the day after we had 10 friends over for dinner, TB is out for coffee with friends so I’m free to doodle around the house and garden by myself.

Out the front I’m looking at the ‘three sisters’ bed. The corn is dead, the butternut pumpkins are ready to harvest but the scarlet runner beans have somewhat perversely decided to put on a last burst of growth as the weather has started to cool down. Not to worry I can at least harvest the earlier pods which have now completely dried. I can’t wait to pop them open as I know they will have brightly coloured beans inside.Image

I’ve also put the tablecloths through the wash and I am deriving no small amount of satisfaction from seeing them drying on the line. Image

These three classic beauties were all bought at op-shops in Adelaide (the middle one I scored only two weeks ago).

I’ve even sat down with a cup of tea (well two) and a left-over piece of dessert to catch up with last night’s episode of Gardening Australia.

The tomatoes are nearly done.


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