Morning Patrol

You never know what you will find when you go on ‘morning patrol’ around the garden.

It seems that our broadbeans, under the influence of lengthening daylight hours, have suddenly put on 20 cms of growth.

We will have to start putting the string around the broadbeans to stop them from blowing over as they grow taller.

But the biggest thrill was to see the first asparagus spears of the season.

Two asparagus spears, the first of the season.
Two asparagus spears, the first of the season.

3 thoughts on “Morning Patrol

  1. My nitrogen fixing plants sorry I mean broad beans are nearly knee height in some places. I was just thinking I need to ask you how I plough them in. Do I dig them in roots and all? All advice appreciated! In the meantime the broad beans on the north mound planted much later are ooh, about ankle height. But! My roses have arrived just in time for Monday and back to work. (Sigh.) I have a horrible feeling they may have been at the front door for awhile …..digging in the gloaming anyone?

    1. Hi Jane
      digging the broadbeans in roots and all is the way to go. I use a spade to cut them up then turn them over back underground. You don’t have to get them all in perfectly. If you have a really big area to do you could try mowing them down (you might still want to knock them over first). I did a post on this a few years back and I found that the bed that I gave the ‘no dig’ treatment to after cutting the green manure in worked particularly well.

      Have fun planting your new roses. Probably a good soak before planting would be the way to go if you suspect they’ve dried out a bit. A nice watering in with a bit of seaweed solution or weed tea will help them get over transfer shock. At least the gloaming is getting a bit longer as we struggle towards spring!

      1. Thankyou Forks. Will get with the spade soon. The later planted crop can wait until Spring. I planted the roses in the rain before work on Monday. They were still damp under their paper and plastic. Thanks for the reminder re seaweed solution – will be out with that tomorrow. Walking home this evening I imagined seeing Doris in flower covering the tower – in about five years!

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