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The day has come when we have finally let our chickens roam freely around our back yard. We have finally clipped their wings so they couldn’t readily fly over our fences. Now before you get upset on behalf of the ‘girls’ wing clipping is far less drastic than it sounds. There are no nerves or blood vessels in the tips of a chicken’s wing and all you need to do is cut off about 8 cm of the tips of the flight feathers on one wing. The idea is they can still fly up if threatened but they can’t fly far because they will be off balance.

Anyway having carried out this minor operation the girls are now free to get out into the garden.

"One of these chooks is not like the others ..."
“One of these chooks is not like the others …”

Here they are helping to rotovate part of our auxilliary asparagus patch. We still have to be in the yard while they are out because our garden isn’t completely fenced in.  So far they haven’t eaten anything they shouldn’t and they are having lots of fun finding all sorts of grubs to gobble.

While I was poking around the garden I noticed that where we had pulled the top out of our cos lettuce plants to feed to the chooks the lettuce plants had started re-shooting. It will be a week or so before we find out whether the new leaves can be eaten or are so bitter that we can only feed them to the chooks.

Re-shooting cos lettuce plants.
Re-shooting cos lettuce plants.


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