Always greener

The chickens are really enjoying their new free ranging activities in the garden and we are enjoying watching them digging around.

Our chickens 'free ranging' in the back yard.
Our chickens ‘free ranging’ in the back yard. We can’t say what they have spotted, but it must be interesting!

But while the girls are stretching their legs one of their avian cousins, a Pied Currawong (Strepera graculina), decided to check out the chicken’s accomodation through the door that was left open so the chickens could get to their water bowl.

Who is checking out my house?
Who is checking out my house?

Of course I did need to go and gently shoo it out as there is a possibility of disease transmission from wild to domestic birds.

You're going the wrong way!
You’re going the wrong way!

Order was restored with the minimum of fuss and  I don’t think the chickens even looked up from their scratching.



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