Orange and Grey

I was completely blown away by a wonderful gift from one of my friends this week, a lovely pair of warm orange lace and cable patterned socks. Wow!

My lovely new socks!
My lovely new socks!

And I can confirm that they keep my toes very warm indeed.

One of our regular visitors has also dropped by this past week, a Grey Currawong (Strepera versicolour).  We have seen this bird – there is only ever one so we presume it is the possibly the same bird – for the past two winters. Here it is sitting in our Japanese maple tree.

A Grey Currawong blending in with the winter scene.
A Grey Currawong blending in with the winter scene.

Thankfully the bird seems quite happy to allow me to move in to get a closer photograph.

The Grey Currawong.
The Grey Currawong.

According to my Atlas of Australian Birds, the Grey Currawong is a solitary bird. There is some indication that these birds are altitudinal migrants, ie moving higher or lower in altitude depending on the season. Although the authors also suggest that we may notice these birds more in autumn and winter because they forage in more open country at this time of year. No matter ‘Greywong’, as the bird is known in our household, is always a welcome sight in our garden.




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