Brassica massacre!

We’d just arrived back from a weekend away when I noticed that our chickens were out and running around our back garden.

What's left of our broccoli seedlings.
What’s left of one of our broccoli seedlings.

It turns out that we didn’t latch a small door in the side of the chicken pen and consequently the ‘girls’ had a big weekend out ravaging the garden. Worst hit were our broccoli seedlings and a small bed of walking onions that got thoroughly dug over. At least the girls didn’t get eaten by a passing dog or nearby falcon. Hopefully the broccoli seedlings will regrow their leaves.

I was also enjoying my time away. We just ‘had’ to stop in to the second hand yard at Molong. I was actually on the lookout for older style garden gates to be used as part of a planned upgrade to the chicken containment zone. As is always the way, the shop had 3 gates last week but none the day we arrived. Oh well. Always on the look out for retro pots and paraphenalia I did find a new decoration for the garden. This home-made sculpture of an ibis, or is it a very tall duck?

My latest garden sculpture find.
My latest garden sculpture find.

You might be relieved to hear that I passed over two concrete ‘Mexicans’ for this gem of amateur art.


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