Fig time

I love figs and several years ago we bought a White Adriatic fig to grow in a pot. The trickiest thing to get right about this particular breed of fig is working out when it’s ripe. The fruit has a green skin which doesn’t darken like other figs do when they are ripe. Instead it turns a paler shade of yellow-green, which can be a bit tricky to spot.

A ripe White Adriatic fig
A ripe White Adriatic fig

So far this year we’ve actually managed to pick more fruit than the birds have stolen!

Our tree is still quite small so our yield is solely for eating fresh. Our neighbour has a much larger tree which bears more fruit than they can manage. A bucket turned up the other week and I wouldn’t have know what to do with it except that a friend had recently fed me some Roasted Figs baked with thyme. It sounds unusual, but boy does it pack a lovely syrupy taste. The recipe comes from David Lebovitz and I can highly recommend it. Sadly I forgot to take photos so you’ll have to check the link to see how good it looks.

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