The love of ginger is strong in my family. My father loved ginger, my sister loves ginger, I love ginger – ooops where was I? All my ginger eating instincts came to the fore when I read David Lebovitz’s updated recipe for Non-fat Ginger Snaps

Non-fat is good but in this case there is a stack of sugar involved so don’t kid yourself that this is a ‘healthy’ recipe. Just go along for the ride and enjoy that ginger-fueled goodness. Did I mention it’s also full of warming spices and as a special added extra, finely chopped crystallized ginger. The mix is really easy to pull together, simple and without fuss.

David’s recipe requires you to chill and then roll individual balls into even more sugar to make seperate biscuits. I did think about it, but luckily I came to my senses. I made this mix into a slice, no chilling, just straight into a lined small slice tray and in the oven for close to 30 minutes. I did take David’s advice and made a lemon icing to go on the top. That was worth the two minutes it took to prepare.

Now in the Australian vernacular this slice could never be described as a Ginger Snap – those rock-hard biscuits of my childhood, reputed to break teeth and the only biscuit in the country that is exempted from the ‘no-dunking’ rule. So David’s Ginger Slice it is from now on. Give it a go.

Ginger slice, yuummmmm!
Ginger slice, yuummmmm!

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