Taking responsibility

It was inevitable that having taken delivery of five un-sexed chicks before Christmas that some of them would turn out to be roosters. We had decided, from the start, that we only wanted to raise laying hens, not meat birds. So we knew that we would need to deal with any roosters. Earlier this week we killed our two roosters.

I won’t provide details of the procedure – there are plenty of places where you can read that on the internet. I do want to note that from the time we caught the birds to their deaths was a matter of only a few minutes. The rest of the flock was sequestered away from the proceedings. We took responsibility for the raising and the killing of our birds.

What has upset me, more than actually killing our roosters, was being left an unsigned note of complaint from one of our neighbours about the crowing of the birds. I would have preferred that they approached us so we could tell them what action we were taking.

The poet Robert Frost quotes a saying that “good fences make good neighbours”, all I can say is that anonymous notes do not.



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