Autumn begins

Like most of the south east of Australia the start of autumn has been hot and if not hot above average in temperature. Yet the nights are rapidly cooling. As a result we are currently harvesting both tomatoes and saffron.
Our tomatoes are of the variety Soldacki, bred in Poland for a colder climate. The seeds were planted in October last year, but the seedlings only went into the ground during the last week of November.

Waiting to ripen

It’s been a race to see if the warm weather would hold long enough for us to harvest ripe fruit. We have watched as the fruit grew larger and larger.They have made it. This week we picked one of the fruit in the photo above. It weighed in at a whopping 630 grams (or 1 & 1/4 pounds)!

It's a whopper

Our saffron bulbs started poking their shoots aboveground only a week ago. Today we picked our first flower.

First of the season

Last year we harvested several hundred flowers. These bulbs really love Canberra conditions so we hope for an even bigger harvest this year.

The precious stamens

Last week we used some of what’s left of the 2015 saffron harvest to mske a really flavoursome paella.

Family feast

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