Jam Faced

It had to happen, I’m visiting Adelaide and a trip to the Central Markets is always on the cards but this time I had an extra reason. I needed to check out Jam Face the new cafe opened by TV chef Poh Ling Yeow. It didn’t disappoint.

Not Poh ( a family member?) serving at Jam Face

We settled in for our regular coffee and added Chai Creme Brulee tarts, which were delicious and had the thinest and crispest toffee top going.

Chai Creme Brulee and yes that is a take away box in the background

Of course there was always going to be more yummy food than we could eat at the time so I ordered a Vanilla Milly Filly and a Raspberry and Apple Shortcake to take back to our hosts for lunch. I take it from the alacrity with which the food disappeared and the mumbled yummms at the same time, that they also thought the cakes were great.

The decor of coloured glass bottles turned into lightshades (in the first photo) and the walls made of old windows pieced together add to the enjoyment of the setting.

And yes, Poh and Johnno were there, but I wimped out on getting a photo. Maybe next time.

A small announcement 

Our newest Australorp has asked me to make an announcement on her behalf. 

Today she laid her first egg!

To be honest we thought she might. All morning she went into and out of the hen house. Then she explored the fence line,  eventually jumping over into the garden several times. In the end we decided to put her and the other hens into the smaller enclosure, hoping she would use a nest box. In fact she tried all three boxes, finally selecting the central box. The outcome was a creditable 55 grams.

Cheap trick

Go out and find/buy an old or second hand hammer and use it to break up tough and woody stems of plants so they will break down more easily in your compost bin. This really good for tough brassica stems.

Smashing the stems of our frost destroyed basil … with the added bonus of basil aroma while I worked.

Tip # 1: smash the stems while they are still fresh, it will be easier.

Tip # 2:don’t ruin your special relationship by using the ‘good’ hammer for this job!