Food far afield

I know this is a big jump from my last post, but I am a long way from home. In Japan to be precise.

Japan is just about my favourite food place to visit,  (though Vietnam is neck a neck with it). A rule of thumb here is if the restaurant has an English menu don’t expect a brilliant eating experience.  But tonight we found one of those exceptions to that rule.

On our last night in Kanazawa (on the west coast of Japan) we decided to explore the streets behind our hotel in Korinbo. After squelching up and down the street looking at different options we settled on Oink Oink Pork Brasserie. OK I liked the name. 

Oink Oink, behind the Kanazawa Tokyu Hotel
It turned out to be an excellent choice. A fantastic fusion of Japanese and European porky appreciation was to be had.  Sitting at the counter we had ample opportunity to watch the chef calmly attend to his business. 


An entree of shitake mushrooms with leek and okra
The carpaccio of roast pork with Japanese dressing was oustanding. The food was so good that we fell on it too quickly to take many photos. 

So if some wet night you find yourself in Kanazawa, you know where to go for a good feed. (Cost about $A70 for two people not including alcohol. Open lunch 11.30am -3.00pm; dinner 5.00pm-1.00am. Tel 076 224 0223)