Garden like a girl!

I arrived home from overseas to discover that my favourite gardening show was on it’s final episode for the year. I know that there will be repeats over summer, but honestly I can cope with more than one gardening show in my life. Enter “The Gardenettes“.

Thank heavens someone is finally producing a totally on-line gardening show. Two experienced gardeners,┬áMelissa King and Chloe Thomson and cook Dani Venn (ex-MasterChef), have come together to produce a short fortnightly episode of gardening and cooking. As you might gather from the name there is a definite retro style about the show. It’s a bit of fun, although it may be too ‘girly’ for some.

L to R Dani, Chloe and Melissa

Another bonus, as it’s an Australian production it’s seasonally appropriate, yay! Fun ideas and practical ideas and I will definitely be trying Dani’s Asparagus and Bacon Spring Tartlets.

At the time of writing there are already 5 episodes posted so grab a cup of tea, bone china cup please, and enjoy. You can catch The Gardenettes online through their website, Facebook or Youtube.

Getting down to it

Since arriving back from our overseas trip to our mini suburban savannah, TB has mown the grass down, at least to the point where we can find the garden beds. I have also unpacked the garden hardware we bought back from Japan. (No plants or seeds because we are not into causing bio-security problems and our wooden handled tools were declared at Border Security, no problems there).

Several packs of rope garden mesh for our climbing plants and some serious hand tools.

As you can see from the close-up below, both the mini hoe and the triangular tool that looks a bit like a ho mi, have sharpened edges to help remove reluctant weeds. The mini hand saws have a sharp serrated edge which will be useful for cutting back all manner of vegetation.

Quality hand tools made in Japan

I have also picked a slew of broadbeans, small and very tasty.

We are also getting a steady supply of eggs from our chickens.

Now it’s just a matter of clearing some spaces ready for our summer veggies.