Garden like a girl!

I arrived home from overseas to discover that my favourite gardening show was on it’s final episode for the year. I know that there will be repeats over summer, but honestly I can cope with more than one gardening show in my life. Enter “The Gardenettes“.

Thank heavens someone is finally producing a totally on-line gardening show. Two experienced gardeners, Melissa King and Chloe Thomson and cook Dani Venn (ex-MasterChef), have come together to produce a short fortnightly episode of gardening and cooking. As you might gather from the name there is a definite retro style about the show. It’s a bit of fun, although it may be too ‘girly’ for some.

L to R Dani, Chloe and Melissa

Another bonus, as it’s an Australian production it’s seasonally appropriate, yay! Fun ideas and practical ideas and I will definitely be trying Dani’s Asparagus and Bacon Spring Tartlets.

At the time of writing there are already 5 episodes posted so grab a cup of tea, bone china cup please, and enjoy. You can catch The Gardenettes online through their website, Facebook or Youtube.


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