New Shoots

I am playing around with growing some edible greens for my chickens. We already give the ‘girls’ leafy greens from the veggie garden and one chicken flies over the fence regularly to help herself, but they would still love even more.

My minor brainstorm turned out to be bird seed. I remembered how quickly the seed cleaned out from our budgie’s cage grew (this was when I was quite young). So armed with some bird seed, some trays and a heater pad, this is what has grown in just over two days!

The tray is now outside for the day getting some sunshine and hardening off. It will be a few days before the chickens get given it to eat. Of course the shoots will all be demolished in a few minutes so I will have to get a production line happening.

Sleeping disorder

A change of location is always a bit unsettling, but our new chickens are having some unexpected problems – “just where are we supposed to sleep?”

I assumed, incorrectly as it turned out, that they would prefer to sleep in their straw filled carry box. No. This is where we found them the first night.

New girls1
Sitting on top of the nesting box

Obviously our girls are of an age where they prefer to roost. So today we spent some time re-arranging the pen and adding a special roosting area. Cue this evening.

I was running late shutting the chooks away for the evening. So they decided for themselves. If in doubt, sit on the roof of your pen!

New girls2
What? this looks good to us

So finally having managed to persuade them to go inside their safe house for the night we have our fingers crossed that the chooks will finally get onto the right perch.

New girls3