New Shoots

I am playing around with growing some edible greens for my chickens. We already give the ‘girls’ leafy greens from the veggie garden and one chicken flies over the fence regularly to help herself, but they would still love even more.

My minor brainstorm turned out to be bird seed. I remembered how quickly the seed cleaned out from our budgie’s cage grew (this was when I was quite young). So armed with some bird seed, some trays and a heater pad, this is what has grown in just over two days!

The tray is now outside for the day getting some sunshine and hardening off. It will be a few days before the chickens get given it to eat. Of course the shoots will all be demolished in a few minutes so I will have to get a production line happening.

2 thoughts on “New Shoots

  1. Hi. Put some mesh over the top at a height that allows the chooks to eat the shoots but not pull the roots out. Then you can just pull the tray out and let it regrow. Pos x

    1. Good idea. Saw something simiar earlier this week. The ‘littles’ have finally worked out that grass is good and have picked all they can reach by sticking their heads through the wire.

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