Pick for productivity!

This morning’s harvest of Alderman peas, front; and broad beans, at the back.

A quick reminder to all of us that picking the pods from our peas and beans on a regular basis encourages more flowering and more productivity.

If you don’t need to eat them straight away then pod, blanch and freeze your produce as you go. Smaller amounts are handy for one or two serves and you will be relieved that you didn’t need to spend all day processing those kilos of beans!

SOS = Single Origin Sourdough

I’ve drunk ‘single origin’ coffee and indulged in ‘single origin’ chocolate, but I have to say that ‘single origin sourdough’ was a new one for me. We’d decided to indulge ourselves and have breakfast out at the markets this morning so headed off to Bean & Grain for some Eggs Benedict.10Nov2017

I was startled to see the SOS sign, but intrigued when I read further. It turns out that the single origin flour is an idea of farmers in northern New South Wales, trying to improve their returns by moving out of the bulk grains commodity markets. Looks like they are gaining some traction both in Canberra and Sydney. You can find out more here. If you are a keen baker you can also buy the flour to have a try yourself.

Turns out the extremely yummy toast we had with our breakfast, along with all the current batches of bread, was made from the single origin Lancer flour (a wheat strain introduced in 2011). I was forced to buy some multigrain bread to bring home.

** Just in case you want to know I have no connection with the growers or the sellers of this product. All the views expressed here are my own.