Dilly Dally

I was just outside harvesting some dill seeds. It may seem odd to leave the seedheads sitting in the paper bag outside for a while, but I am doing this for a reason. The stems of the dill had quite a few aphids on them, visible in the photo below. I really don’t want to encourage them or end up with ‘extra protein’ in my seeds.

Shortly after I hung the bag up I spotted a more welcome visitor. This lady bird (lady bug, or lady beetle), Hippodamia variegata (the Adonis lady bird), like many, is an aphid predator. I am more than happy to see them having a munch on the aphids.

This particular species has a fairly worldwide distribution. I was able to identify it via the CSIRO’s very helpful gallery of lady birds.

Op shop finds!

There is generally a dearth of op shops* open over the Christmas New Year period, so we were pleased to discover one of the larger Salvos* store open yesterday. There were a number of good finds. Two Semco sewing kits for a new art project. A brand new small saucepan perfect for boiling our two morning eggs

And a second cane washing basket, part of my ongoing quest to replace plastic household items with more earth-friendly options (yes, we are still persisting with the last plastic basket until it ‘dies’). Our clothes pegs are already predominantly wood.

*op shop = opportunity shop, thrift store

*Salvos = Salvation Army, a major player in the op-shop business in Australia.