Breakfast with the Galahs

I think we were all surprised when I pulled the curtains back and we were all face to face this morning.

Two Galahs (Eolophus roseicapilla) feasting on the ripening Wattle seed in our garden.

Galahs in the Wattle tree.

The Galahs were also here yesterday. They are happy to stay eating when I look at them through the window, but move off to the power lines when I leave the house.

Marbled Gecko time

Wow, look what we found this morning. A Marbled Gecko, (Phyllodactylus mamoratus) actually two of them. The first was spotted as we packed up all the bottles and cans collected on our walks to go to the recycling depot. The geckos appear to be living in a large stack of bricks, next to where we stash our bottles and cans for recycling.

This gecko must have been inside one of the cans we picked up.

Lucky gecko, found and return to the safety of the brick pile.

Thankfully, we found it in the bottom of this plastic bag at the depot and it got safely taken home and released where it came from. This is a new species for our garden. We have seen Stone Geckos (Diplodactylus vittatus) several times on the brickwork around the house.