Happy Blogaversary!

Well I’m excited. Three months of blogging and I’m still going!

Thanks to Variegated’s suggestion (http://variegated.posterous.com/) I’ve entered the Grow Your Own competition, sponsored by Andreas Recipes, http://www.andreasrecipes.com/gyo/, and for January 2010 hosted by Annie and Nate at the House of Annie, http://chezannies.blogspot.com/. This is a regular event that recognises those who are blogging out there about growing, foraging or hunting and gathering their own food. Stay tuned and I’ll give you an update when I find out the results in a few days time.

We had a great day on Australia Day, after going out picking blackberries in the morning (more of this in a separate post) we came home and had a great time preparing a fantastic meal for dinner. We picked so many types of veggies that I’ve taken two photos to get them all in. The first photo includes our Warrigal Greens, peas, both Green Feast and Sugar Snap, radishes and Blackberries waiting to go into a pie. The second shows zucchinis, carrots onions and garlic. Don’t you just love the brilliant colour on the inside of those purple carrots. Finally they got turned into roasted veggies, creamed Warrigal Greens (recipe from Tukka: Real Australian Food by Jean-Paul Bruneteau, Angus & Robertson 1996), steamed peas and a Turkey Roll stuffed with lots of things including pepitas. TB had the good sense to buy up and freeze all that turkey the shops were selling off after Christmas.

PS I even managed to make jam from the 70gms of strawberries that the snails and slaters didn’t beat me to!