We’re Moulting!

Just a quick chook update. With amazing foresight, that clearly eluded our political leaders, our 3 chickens decided to simultaneously moult at the same time as we got the stay at home notice for the pandemic.

So not only did we have to stay at home, we also had to buy eggs. We are in complete shock.

Three chooks in moult down.

At least they are making themselves useful, eating the last of the brassica crop which is completely covered in aphids.

A small announcement 

Our newest Australorp has asked me to make an announcement on her behalf. 

Today she laid her first egg!

To be honest we thought she might. All morning she went into and out of the hen house. Then she explored the fence line,  eventually jumping over into the garden several times. In the end we decided to put her and the other hens into the smaller enclosure, hoping she would use a nest box. In fact she tried all three boxes, finally selecting the central box. The outcome was a creditable 55 grams.

The Minimalist Chicken

The chook shed is looking pristine, at least for today, as I have done a big ‘spring clean’. This includes dismantling all the bits of the laying boxes and floor and then giving the whole shed first a brush down, followed by a good washing with hot soapy water to discourage mites and any other nasties that get into the woodwork.

Clean and tidy for at least half a day!
Clean and tidy for at least half a day!

I’d left the nesting box and floor out to dry in the sun and when I came to put it back together I found this!

It's Mid-Twentieth Century modern style for our chickens!
It’s Mid-Twentieth Century modern style for our chickens!

You can’t beat that minimalist design as far as one of our chooks is concerned! Yes Dotty the Australorp has taste beyond what we ever anticipated.

Yes, that's my egg.
Yes, that’s my egg.

Meanwhile TB has been trying out his new camera taking portraits of ‘the girls’.

She may be lowest in the pecking order but Letty is the fastest when it comes to eating apple cores.

Letty the Leghorn
Letty the Leghorn

Top of the pecking order, Artemesia the Ancona.

Artemesia the Ancona
Artemesia the Ancona

Not to forget the chief explorer and escape artist Dotty the Australorp.

Dotty the Australorp
Dotty the Australorp