Three Sisters

OK this post is nothing to do with the Blue Mountains, rather it’s about my latest garden bed.

The ‘three sisters’ refers to 3 plants, corn, climbing beans and squash, that have been tradionally grown together across central and north America, that literally form a supportive growing community.


The idea is that the corn stems provide a support for the climbing beans to grow up and the squash provides a ground cover to help retain soil moisture and supress weeds. The beans will also provide nitrogen fixing in the soil which will help the corn to grow.

You are supposed to get the corn started in the bed first then plant the bean seeds next to it and then the squash.


As I was growing all the plants from seeds in the polyhouse and the beans were out-growing the corn I’ve skipped the initial step. So now all the plants are in the garden bed. The corn is Blue Popcorn, the beans are Scarlet Runner and the squash is Butternut Pumpkin.

Assuming this lot survive the snail/slug/slater onset starting later tonight I’ll try and post updates on how the bed is growing.