Morning has broken

There’s not much that can beat walking in the garden after a night of rain, (16mms for the record) unless you also come across six saffron flowers sitting proud above their slender leaves.

Saffron buds in the early morning
Saffron buds in the early morning

Our harvest last year was pretty limited as it happened while we were overseas. This year we have our fingers crossed for a better harvest.

And just as exciting to come inside to some ‘shower rolls’, surely one of the easiest bread making recipes I’ve come across in ages. I found it over on Mike’s Pad and I’ll direct you over there for the details. Basically you make a sloppy bread dough before you go to bed, stick it in the fridge overnight then bake however many rolls you want the next morning. Any leftover dough can be put back in the fridge for another day.

These may not be the prettiest rolls I’ve ever made, (I think I need to practice my roll-shaping technique) but there’s not much to beat a bread roll fresh out of the oven!

Shower Rolls fresh from the oven
Shower Rolls fresh from the oven

By the time the rolls were baked not only did I have my shower, but the saffron buds had opened enough so they could be picked.

Within the hour the buds are open ready for picking
Within the hour the buds are open ready for picking

The saffron stigmas were then dried in the cooling oven cools, prior to being stored.

Saffron stamens ready for oven drying
Saffron stigmas ready for oven drying

After all that activity it was good to be able to sit down to a breakfast of fresh bread spread with my friend J’s plum jam.

Freshly cooked 'shower rolls' and plum jam
Freshly cooked ‘shower rolls’ and plum jam

I’m now looking forward to tomorrow morning as I can see at least 4 more saffron flowers ready to burst.